Russian Burlesque Festival 2020
November, 14
Moscow (Russia)
Russian Burlesque Festival is an annual festival of burlesque culture in Russia. We discover new names and embellish the show with stars of the genre.
Russian Burlesque Festival 2019
Ivan Pan Raas
Photo by Nika Rudenok
Remembering 2019 Russian Burlesque Festival
A year ago we staged our first Russian Burlesque Festival. It was our first experience and we stepped into a completely new world for us. And we were incredibly happy to get such strong support from the community and from our favorite audience. It's hard to put into words how spectacular it was!

The show was attended by 26 unique performers from three Russian cities, we had a full sold-out a week before the show, and a completely crazy audience with enormous energy and support.

Wild elephant covered in balloons performed by brilliant Victoria SemmyBird, Balkan heart thief Lana SummerVine, captivating, stopping time and hearts Kristabel Otem, furious maiden-bird from Slavic mythology Ulya Tsarevich, first boylesque artist in Russia Ellisha Fox and many other diamonds of Russian burlesque scene. Let's have a look at some captured moments of that evening!

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The Russian Burlesque Festival is organized by the SugarFactoryProduction team.

Our main principles are beauty, aesthetics, freedom of expression, comfort for audience and artists, as well as constant self-improvement. Thank you for trusting us!

Burlesque performer. Founder and author of the idea and concept of Russian Burlesque Festival.

Responsibilities: General questions about RBF

Anastasia Denezhka
Co-organizer of SugarFactoryProduction and Russian Burlesque Festival.
Responsibilities: Technical aspects and organisations details of RBF

Katerina Sahara
Co-founder of SugarFactoryShow, burlesque performer.

Responsibilities: venue decoration, photo and video shooting processes

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Moscow, Russia